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The Components of Summum Meditation

For those who practice the Summum meditation, its components include physical exercise. The Summum philosophy book, SUMMUM: Sealed Except to the Open Mind, states the following:

Physical Exercise -- The OUT -- The body's respiration and heart rate is accelerated for a time equal in duration to the time your attention was immersed in the vibration of SUMMUM. In order to bring mind, body, and spirit (the whole person) into balance and to move to the point of equilibrium between the point of SUMMUM and "all action and manifested creation," a dynamic, physical, rhythmic dance of exercise is practiced to exhaust the spiritual and physical toxins and impurities from the student. The heart, the seat of the soul, will exhaust the anger, jealousies, and imperfections when a rhythmic dance of dynamic exercise is practiced. The breath, the vent of toxins, will exhaust the impurities from the body and allow a higher spiritual vibration to rest within the mind, body, and spirit. The physical exercise is practiced with utmost intensity and, when completed, exhausts the body in a rhythmic dance of creation's pleasure.


Forever Fit Aerobics reminds you of this component and encourages you to maintain physical exercise as part of your Summum meditation practice.

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